Church SetUp – Monthly Schedule:

1st Sunday: Flood

2nd Sunday: Kunkelman

3rd Sunday: Alan Krause

4th Sunday: Butch & Will Oxendine

5th Sunday: Ben Roberts

1st Alternate – Ben Roberts

2nd Alternate – Raymond Force

~~~Arrive 9:45 Sunday to set up to sound check.  Following the service tear down and re-secure in the storage room.  Place everything back into its found position in the auditorium.

~~~If you are not able to do your week then contact the first alternate to fill in for you.  You must get a solid confirmation that they can fill in for you.  If the 1st alternate cannot then contact 2nd alternate.  If neither alternative is available then contact another setup team on the list.

*Make sure Audio mixing board is set to ‘Scene 30’.

Recording Procedure:

1. Place SD card into Denon recorder until SD card snaps into place.  

2. Press ‘record’ button once (it flashes) then push ‘record’ a second time (solid light) which indicates it is recording.  Only one channel (side) should be lighting up and moving from vocal/instrument sound on Denon recorder.

  1. After the sermon is complete, push on SD card and it will eject.
  2. Insert into the computer to upload to Google Drive.  See Will Robinson for details.